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A picrew drawing of Ro. They are a biracial black person with short shaved hair and large round glasses.
A real life photo of ro. They are in a heavily pattered orange fleece in Roswell, NM. They stand laughing outside of a Dunkin' Donuts where a large alien in a mask holds up the store sign. ro mimics this action, holding up a cardboard tray with two small cacti in it.

Roswell, NM (Jan. 2021)

Ro is an award-winning graphic designer and video editor currently based in Washington, DC. They graduated from Georgetown University in December 2017 with a dual-degree in Linguistics and Justice and Peace Studies, and a focus on the intersection between media, narrative building, and social issues.

They are passionate about the power that media has to shape our lives, drawing inspiration from various mediums in the world around us. In their spare time they love horror, tabletop roleplaying games, exploring the outdoors, and taking photos of their cat, Sokka.


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Talk to you soon!

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